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Planet Valintinus. When Earth finally uses up its limited resources, hope is sprouted from the discovery of a bustling nearby planet with unbelievable resources. This planets oxygen levels are far higher than our own, giving the air a certain density allowing its creatures to grow titanically large. Because of the oxygen density humans who arrive experience a similar sensation to swimming in water. Much of this planets Fauna and Flora adapt shades of fuschia and emerald- Because of how light is refracted into the atmosphere, pinks and reds are the necessary shades in order to photosynthesise light, paralleling the once flourishing greenery of our own world. Water on this world has no technical difference to our own, but is simply perceived by our eyes to have a more greenish tinge. This begs the question- although Earth can now be fully functional without continued damage to itself, can this still be considered sustainable when we are taking advantage of another world? Do we have the right? Many suspect cover ups - a recently deceased journalist, Nikola Erasmus, exploded headlines when she announced that the suspected rigs on this planet were not only real, but that solar panels could be up to 65x more powerful on Valintinus’ surface than upon Earths. Although much more sustainable, transporting, building and establishing these panels is thought to be slightly more expensive than that of he unsustainable rigs. 5e next day, Nikola, 27, was found dead is her apartment with no cause of death listed. Suspiciously this did not make headlines- instead a new teen cartoon about Bunny Waddlers and adjoining offers and promotions flooded the media.